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JMP Engineering


Manufacturers across North America continue to adopt robotics and automation at a record pace across multiple industries and applications. “Our customers in the prepared foods, consumer products, oil and gas, and machining market segments are looking to apply robotics, but are often new to robotic applications,” said Nelson Leite, Director of Sales and Marketing for JMP’s Automation Division.




Deployment of electrical distribution systems can be challenging for the oil and gas industry. Harsh environments, such as offshore platforms and onshore drilling and extraction sites often make it difficult for electrical distribution and power systems to be installed, commissioned and operated in traditional ways. Implementations are costly and systems uptime becomes a concern because of the complexity involved in making all the part pieces work together in a reliable fashion.



Suncor Plant


Data theft from high-profile hacks against companies like Uber and Equifax can cost consumers thousands of dollars but resource companies worry about millions in damage, along with potential injuries and death, if their technology is compromised.



Precision Drilling

"During the third quarter we continued to demonstrate the "next tier" of drilling efficiency improvement with Process Automation Control (PAC) and other technology initiatives we are implementing in our beta testing program. Precision has drilled approximately 70 wells utilizing PAC technology, which is currently installed on 20 Super Triple rigs, and the results continue to show improved efficiency, consistency and repeatability, exactly what our customers desire." said President Kevin Neveu



oil operations


Oil and gas producers have been feeling the pressure in this down market to get the most from their existing assets and wellheads, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.





Drilling advancements, including horizontal drilling techniques, have transformed oil and gas operations from simplistic single-well pad fields to more complex multi-well pads. In turn, operators and equipment builders can modify their control systems approach to optimize these changing applications.


Drilling Rigs


Precision Drilling Corp.’s quest to automate more of its drilling rigs with new technology helped the company reduce its losses, even as oil and gas prices continued to languish in the third quarter.



solar power


A not-for-profit organization is holding a training program to give oil, gas and coal workers the skills to work in the renewable energy industry.




Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases. The company’s products have a wide variety of applications and are used in a number of industries such as water treatment, hygienic processing, gas handling and microfluidics. Bürkert products and systems can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.



Tools for the Trade

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