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July 10, 2018

From Modular Enclosures to Energy-Saving Cooling Systems, Rittal & Linear lead the way!

Linear, part of The Flodraulic Group of companies, is the world’s leading supplier of specialized press transfer automation solutions, backed by world class 24/7 support from many global locations.  In order to provide world-class service to their international clients, including 5 of the global top 10 automotive OEMs, global appliance and HVAC manufacturers, Linear has established service and support center in all regions where their equipment is installed.

Linear ensures that their customers receive the optimum solution for their requirements by putting their needs first and working with their partner suppliers to ensure that each component and device is class- leading, globally available and reliable.

Rittal is part of that promise, to work with industry-leading partners, with globally available solutions of the highest quality and reliability.  “One of the biggest advantages in partnering with Rittal is that they offer a standardized, consistent product that meets ours and our customers’ needs,” says Rama Jayaweera, President, Linear Transfer Automation Inc.

When it came to selecting Enclosures, Consoles, Junction boxes, Air conditioning systems to house their critical equipment, it was very clear to Linear after extensive market studies, that Rittal was the only truly global company with high quality, consistent and readily available products and solutions.  This, paired with the network of local technical associates, led Linear to select Rittal over 18 years ago and have not switched from it being their standard platform.

 Mounting challenges











Linear engineers recalled a tough time, when they were asked by a customer to use another supplier’s products; a standard four-week delivery period turned into 14 long weeks, before finally receiving enclosures with back plates that were painted instead of being galvanized, a requirement for their application.  To rescue the project, they ingeniously fit Rittal mounting plates on the other supplier’s panels to save the situation.  Past experiences also include a time when a supplier provided individual enclosure parts that took their staff several days to assemble, taking them off other critical tasks, and increasing their production build time. Following these and a few other such experiences, Linear now informs all their customers who ask for other manufacturers’ brands for enclosures, that they will provide Rittal products only.  Linear believes that direct cost is not the only deciding factor in enclosures; it is the need for a global, dependable, consistent and quality product – such as provided by – Rittal.

 Solutions for speedy success


Over the past 18 years, Linear has purchased hundreds of Rittal’s flagship modular TS 8 enclosures and unmatched accessories from plinths to comfort handles, along with hundreds of Rittal’s top of the line Blue e Wall mounted air conditioners to cool the enclosures, providing world-leading energy savings. They have also invested in Rittal’s junction boxes, pendant arms and other accessories.

 Decisions ‘based on experience’

“The main reason why we trust Rittal is ‘based on experience’, says Mr. Jayaweera of Linear. “Rittal has come through for us time after time, when other suppliers either failed to provide the equipment on time, or their equipment failed!”

Adds Tim Rourke, President, Rittal Systems, “I truly appreciate the collaborative partnership we have developed between our organizations. Rittal is committed to working with Linear to ensure that they achieve their lofty goals and fulfill their commitments to their global clients.” Rittal has pioneered the concept of modular enclosures, which open up a host of benefits. Modular, scalable enclosures can be easily bayed or attached together, saving valuable space on the plant floor and in the assembly line.

Rittal makes assembling enclosures extremely easy.  As Mr. Jayaweera said, “We perform bulk buys on the Rittal Enclosures which allows the Production team at Linear to prebuild the panels for jobs, to decrease the time in a production schedule. We are familiar with the Rittal products and the modularity allows us to easily purchase based on project forecasting. We find it to be a superior product over their competitors.”

Moreover, Rittal’s enclosures are flexible and easily accessible from the reverse, with easy wiring capability.

Ford Motors: Powering Up with Linear and Rittal


Rittal has been working with Ford globally for years.  “Rittal’s inspection revealed significant savings potentials for our plant.” Helmar Bencker, Plant Engineering & Environment Manager at Ford in Cologne

Linear is dedicated to providing top notch service to their international clients, including 5 of the global top 10 automotive OEMs. “Linear believes in providing its global clients with the best solutions, and with Rittal, we know that our clients are getting access to the entire value chain from software engineering to innovative solutions, backed by a global network.” Rama Jayaweera, President, Linear Transfer Automation, Inc.

With proven technology and solutions that are designed to be the most reliable, robust and flexible in the market, and a quest for even higher levels of advancement, Linear and Rittal are certainly trailblazing through the automation industry! To learn more, visit or contact


Download the Modular Enclosures guide to your model enclosure system

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One of Canada’s largest wastewater treatment plants at Annacis Island provides secondary treatment to approximately 175 billion litres of wastewater every year for over 1 million residents in 14 municipalities. After almost 20 years in operation, the variable frequency drives supporting the critical pumping systems for the primary treatment and secondary treatment facilities had to be replaced to ensure that the plant’s high operational availability and reliability will not be compromised in serving the plant, the surrounding municipalities and the environment. Metro Vancouver Regional District chose to deploy Rittal’s enclosure and power distribution solutions with E-plan software to efficiently support vital infrastructure improvements by reducing equipment replacement times and thereby minimizing risk to plant operations.

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Attendees will learn:
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• Ways to increase working safely beyond the essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suit
• A real-life example of how a few thousand-dollar investment helped a customer avoid an $800,000 catastrophic arc-flash event

The webinar is free, and attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions in a live Q&A session after the presentation. To sign up, visit the arc-flash webinar registration page.

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