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June 10, 2019

The Fuzzy Logic plus PIM microprocessor-based controller series, incorporate a bright, easy to read 4-digit LED display, indicating process value or set point value. The Fuzzy Logic technology enables a process to reach a predetermined set point in the shortest time, with the minimum of overshoot during power-up or external load disturbance.

Model F32 is a 1/32 DIN size panel mount controller. The unit is powered by 11-26 or 90-250 VDC/VAC supply, incorporating a 2 amp. control relay output as standard. The second output can be used as cooling control, an alarm or dwell timer. Both outputs can select triac, 5V logic output, linear current or linear voltage to drive external device. There are six types of alarm plus a dwell timer can be configured for the second output. The units are fully programmable for PT100 and thermocouple types J, K, T,E, B, R, S, N, L with no need to modify the unit. The input signal is digitized by using a 18-bit A to D converter. Its fast sampling rate allows the unit to controlfa st processes.

Digital communications RS-485 or RS-232 (for F 32) are available as an additional option. These options allow the units to be integrated with supervisory controlsystem and software.

A programmable port is available for automatic configuration, calibration and testing without the need to access the keys on front panel.

By using proprietary Fuzzy modified PIO technology, the control loop will minimize the overshoot and undershoot in a shortest time.

The series are manufactured with custom designed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit ) technology which contains a 18-bit A to D converter for high resolution measurement (true 0.1°F resolution for thermocouple and PT100) and a 15-bit D to A converter for linear current or voltage control output. The ASIC technology provides improved operating performance, low cost, enhanced reliability and higher density.


  • Easy-to-use

  • Fuzzy modified PIO heat & coolcontrol

  • Fast A-D sampling rate (5 times/s)

  • Universalinput (PT100,thermocouple) with high accuracy 18-bit A-D

  • Analog output (linear current or voltage) uses high accuracy 15-bit D-A

  • RS-485 RS-232 Interface

  • Programming port provided on board

  • Support manual control & auto-tune function

  • Wide variety of alarm mode selection

  • Lockout protection control

  • Bumpless transfer during failure mode

  • Soft-start ramp and dwelltimer

  • Bright display stabilized with digitalfilter

  • Front panelsealed to NEMA 4X &IP65

Fast Sampling Rate

The sampling rate of the input A to D converter reaches 5 times/second.The fast sampling rate allows this series to con­ trolfast processes.

Fuzzy Control

The function of Fuzzy controlis to adjust PIO parameters from time to time in order to make manipulation output value more flexible and adaptive to various processes. The results is to enable a process to reach a predetermined set point in the shortest time, with the minimum of overshoot and undershoot during power-up or external load disturbance.

Digital Communication

The units are equipped with RS-485 or RS-232 interface card to provide digital communication. By using the twisted pair wires there are at most 247 units can be connected together via RS-485 interface to a host computer.

Programming Port

A programming port is used to connect the unit to a pc for quick configuration, also can be connected to an ATE system for automatic testing & calibration.


The auto-tune function allows the user to simplify initial setup for a new system. A clever algorithm is provided to obtain an optimal set of control parameters for the process, and it can be applied either as the process is warming up (cold start) or as the process has been in steady state (warm start).

Lockout Protection

According to actualsecurity requirement,one of four lockout levels can be selected to prevent the unit from being changed abnormally.

Bumpless Transfer

Bumpless transfer allows the controller to continue to control by using its previous value as the sensor breaks. Hence,the process can be well controlled temporarily as if the sensor is normal.

Soft-start Ramp

The ramping function is performed during power up as well as any time the set point is changed. It can be ramping up or ramping down. The process value will reach the set point with a predetermined constant rate.

Digital Filter

A first order low pass filter with a programmable time constant is used to improve the stability of process value. This is particularly useful in certain application where the process value is too unstable to be read.

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OmronAt BOLCi Bolu Chocolate, a Turkish manufacturer of elegant truffles and other delicacies, the opportunity arose for some improvements to its production system. With over 300 employees and a 20,000-square-meter factory, BOLCi has a product list of over 800 different items and produces and average of 200 tons of chocolate items each month.

BOLÇİ’s guarantee to its customers is that its chocolate is never sullied by human touch during production or packaging. In order to maintain this immaculate status and reach increasingly high production targets, the chocolate manufacturer turned to Omron and system integrator Innovas to devise an automated solution for its packaging line.

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The new EPLAN Pro Panel, Version 2.8 is making its first big appearance at the SPS IPC Drives. The software for virtual 3D control cabinet engineering is characterised by its expanded flexibility, surprising users with a brand new 4K-capable user interface. It’s also causing decision-makers to sit up and take notice: during live, joint presentations in Nuremberg, EPLAN and Rittal will be introducing a whole series of innovations in the context of control cabinet engineering.

These include complementary software solutions for engineering and preplanning operations, innovative system technology for housings, power distribution and climate-control systems, automation technologies, and digital assistance systems for integrated automation of manufacturing processes. EPLAN and Rittal are thereby positioning themselves as solutions providers offering integrated solutions for optimising processes in control cabinet engineering: combined machine/hardware and software solutions, product-accompanying data and comprehensive on-site process integration services for customers.

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