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April 18, 2018

Keeping your bins full just got a lot easier – and a lot faster. Each IRWIN Intelligent Bin (I²B) automatically detects inventory levels and instantly sends alerts, eliminating the need for counting trips and “milk runs”. That means no more safety stock, no more emergency orders, and more importantly, no more lines down. It’s the automated, lean bin solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Powered by Apex Smarter Spaces™ and Connect n’ Go™ Technology, IRWIN Intelligent Bins check themselves to make replenishment efficient and foolproof.

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Maximize profits from every square foot

Waste and inefficiency can hide where you least expect. With IRWIN Intelligent Bins, you can take control and find new productivity and savings across your entire operation.

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Multiple Detection Levels

Multiple detection levels

IRWIN Intelligent Bin Systems work with the Apex Trajectory Cloud™ platform to provide data on up to five levels of fill-status per bin. You’ll get 24/7 visibility, insights, and analysis to optimise your operations, inventory and processes. You’ll also eliminate disruptive and expensive out-of-stocks, thanks to multi-level monitoring and automated reorder alerts sent straight to IRWIN for informed replenishment.

Streamline your supply chain

Consolidation of vendors across many possible part categories means fewer orders and expedites, while providing economies of scale, lowering incoming freight costs, improving quality interaction, and increasing trust. You get reduced, but assured, inventory, and space-savings; allowing your organization to optimize your resources, focus on core competencies, and meet strategic goals.

Keep bins full and manufacturing lines running

IRWIN Intelligent Bin Systems eliminate inefficient manual bin counts and stock outs. That keeps production lines and assembly cells uninterrupted – and profitable.

It’s time to take control

Discover how IRWIN Intelligent Bin Systems can help you reduce wasted steps, ensure more accurate and less costly processes, and achieve true productivity across your organization.

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