August 11, 2021

Allied Electronics & Automation is partnering with Omron Industrial Automation to promote its latest line of predictive maintenance solutions. Designed for industrial businesses facing unplanned downtime, maintenance for aging equipment, and ongoing worker shortages, Omron’s products offer customers the ability to implement simple, elegant, and cost-effective predictive maintenance solutions that not only monitor equipment status in real time but use artificial intelligence to identify and schedule optimal windows of opportunity to schedule repairs.

“Predictive maintenance is a condition-based maintenance strategy that remotely monitors the condition of equipment using Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices,” says Dan Andersen, Product Manager of Components for Omron Automation Americas. “The IoT sensors on our solutions supply real-time equipment data, while using analytics to predict when the equipment requires maintenance before any unplanned downtime occurs.”

In the current industrial environment, many businesses still rely on a preventive maintenance model, which is performed according to a schedule determined by historical events. When the unexpected occurs, however, this model can prove costly. The average annual maintenance cost for a single motor is about $2,000, while the full replacement for a 50-horsepower motor can be as high a $16,000 including labor costs. Using a preventive maintenance solution, these costs can be either mitigated or eliminated entirely.

Allied offers a wide range of Omron predictive maintenance solutions, with plans to expand in the near future. These include:

All predictive maintenance solutions come with free PC-based equipment monitoring software, as well as an exclusive warranty of five years for the S8VK-X power supply and 12 months for the other solutions. Also, each product is easy for any beginner to retrofit onto existing equipment using a screw-in sensor, transformer clamp, or bracket.

“We are thrilled to have Allied as a partner to support our solutions and bring them to a wide, global customer base,” says Andersen. “If you have an operation where you simply cannot have an equipment failure, the importance of predictive maintenance cannot be overstated. You are going to see much more coming from Omron in the future that will continue to focus on this issue using cutting-edge IoT technology. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Allied as we enter these exciting times.”

As an authorized distributor of Omron Industrial Automation solutions, Allied helps engineers, purchasers, maintainers, fleet and facility managers, and inventors build, maintain, and renew their machinery and technology. Additionally, Allied stocks a full range of industrial equipment products and components and offers expert advice on industrial control technology and other design and manufacturing topics.