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PBSI 3 7 eaton IIoT 400April 9, 2019

At this year’s Hanover Fair Eaton demonstrated how small and medium machine builders can benefit from the Industrial IoT (IIoT) today. A range of technologies that enable commercial and industrial building owners to get ready for the transition to an energy system dominated by variable renewables and electric mobility will also be shown. 

Eaton demonstrated how to make machines and systems IIoT-ready through:

  • Smart devices and intelligent wiring - to easily capture and collect process information inside and outside of the cabinet,
  • Connectivity from components to the cloud - for predictive maintenance and machine performance optimization, 
  • Electro-hydraulic solutions - to help operators to achieve energy saving and better machine availability.

Technology highlights on the stand include:

  • The latest generation of Eaton’s easyE4 control relays designed with different environments in mind and suitable for use in applications of medium complexity. The devices can now also be used in 230 V circuits. The easySoft software combines ease of handling with the full range of automation possibilities thanks to structured text programming offered in a control relay technology.
  • The second generation of EMS motor starters which can handle up to five of the classic functions of a conventional motor starter: DOL starter, reversing starter, motor protection, emergency-stop and connectivity. Thanks to the compact enclosure and the multifunctional design, the electronic motor starters can achieve space savings of up to 80 percent inside the control panel.
  • IIoT arena where Eaton will demonstrate how cloud-based data analytics can be used to improve machine availability. Additionally, Eaton will also present an application that showcases the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of electro-hydraulic drives. Eaton has made additional service and support capabilities available for medium-sized companies involved in industrial automation. The Eaton Solutions team will provide advice and practical support on topics such as application development, the digitization of machines and systems and data analytics and evaluation. Additional support is provided via the Eaton partner network throughout the entire lifecycle of an application, from planning all the way to after-sales service.

In terms of energy transition, Eaton showcased its latest offerings to help residential and commercial building owners, as well as utilities, to take advantage of the opportunities created by the shift towards a decentralized energy system and the electrification of society. Highlights include: 

  • Eaton’s new charging station for electric vehicles, xChargeIn which supports all possible applications, from wall-mounted individual charging stations to large car parks and entire systems comprised of multiple stations, for example, on company premises. xChargeIn can be configured and scaled as required.
  • xStorage residential and commercial energy storage systems to help energy prosumers, reduce bills, provide backup power as well as valuable grid services, such as frequency regulation. With regards to electric mobility, energy storage is a crucial technology enabling building owners to implement EV charging without the need for utilities to invest in expensive network reinforcement or connection upgrades.  
  • Eaton’s pioneering SF6-free medium voltage switching equipment used by industry and distribution grids. This is especially relevant now as the EU reconsiders banning the use of this extremely environmentally damaging gas completely in the coming years.
  • Microgrid control system Power Xpert Optimizer which also enables increased sustainability and resiliency of power.

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