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PBSI 3 7 Bender Linetrax 400April 9, 2019

Against the background of key topics such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), highly flexible solutions that cover a wide performance range are now usually required. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand in the markets for smart sensors that can be easily and quickly integrated into existing installations and systems. An essential requirement for the products is therefore the ability to communicate – if possible via universal interfaces and protocols. To generate added value such as preventive maintenance and high availability from measurement data, the sensors must be able to transfer all values and states to higher-level monitoring solutions in which they are evaluated and interpreted/further processed. Additionally, data granularity is also gaining in importance, so that many sensors that are as small and simple as possible are being frequently used in modern plants.

In response to these requirements, Bender is now launching two new series in the field of residual current monitoring: a modular series for flexible use in industry and building technology, and a compact series for use in final circuits.

The modular series updates and expands Bender's portfolio in the field of residual current monitoring and measuring current transformers with new sensors and devices for measured value acquisition and evaluation. These sensors and devices each consist of two components: a transformer module (without electronic elements) and an electronic module which contains intelligence. The electronic module is located directly on the transformer module and forms a functional unit with it.

The modularity creates a future-proof system, since an upgrade (e.g. to new interfaces) or a repair can be carried out in a relatively easy way by exchanging the electronic modules, while the transformer core can remain in the installation.

In addition to the modular series, Bender now also offers the compact RCMB13x series as an integrated solution for final circuits. The products of this series offer an AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement and combine sensor technology (measuring current transformer) and evaluation electronics in one enclosure.

With the modular and compact devices, Bender now offers smart single-channel solutions for mechanical and plant engineering for direct use in the final circuit of the machines. The standard Modbus interface enables connection to higher-level systems, such as a PLC, with which continuous monitoring can be implemented.

Both the modular and compact series are able to communicate with Modbus RTU via RS-485. Precise measurements over a wide range and insensitivity to high load currents make the modular devices particularly suitable for MRCD and fire protection applications.

Conculsion: With the new features, open communication, modular and compact design and compliance with the latest standards, the smart sensors of both series are characterised by a high degree of flexibility and can therefore be used in the enormous variety of modern applications in a future-proof manner.

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