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 PulseProLogoPulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) is a way to digitally represent an analog measurement value from a sensor. Banner Engineering’s Pulse Pro I/O technology simplifies the connection between the sensor and an indicator or controller. Pulse Pro I/O solves a wide variety of applications and localizes clear information for fast visibility and response.


Measure Distance Without an Analog Sensor

Pulse Pro I/O sends digital pulses that are proportionally scaled across the measuring span on the sensor. This allows users to use a high-quality digital input card on their PLC to determine the measured distance. The sensor will indicate a loss of signal between the sensor and target, providing additional information to customers about target presence and absence. Pulse Pro I/O’s digital signal has increased immunity from electrical noise interference, a common problem of analog transmissions over long cable runs, so it does not require shielded cabling.

Superior Performance over Distance

Reduce costly, unplanned downtime with compatible Banner lights that assist operators with high-visibility, at-a-glance operator guidance and status indication. The unmistakable illumination streamlines factory communication by promoting faster response to status changes and reduces the risk of costly mistakes and accidents. For example, the TL50 Pro tower light shows material level so that reloads or unloads can be handled timely and efficiently. Additionally, WLS27 Pro strip lights show separation distance between moving equipment like AGVs.


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