January 10, 2022

RoboTape is a patent-pending automatic tape system designed to handle repetitive and demanding tape applications.

Innovative Automation's research and development team have invested over 15,000 hours to develop a comprehensive system for feeding and installing adhesive-backed foams, felts and attachment tapes.

Seamless integration into existing production systems or new cell layouts is promoted by IA's proprietary remote feeding system. This new technology allows bulk spools of material to be positioned outside of the safe zone, opening up endless possibilities for cell design. In addition to this, the bulk spool of material can be replaced while the machine is mid-production to fulfill continuous, uninterrupted production goals.

A slim and versatile tape apply head can tackle applications with complex geometry and contours on a wide variety of parts. Automotive, architectural, industrial, medical and consumer goods are just some of the industries that can benefit from this specialized system.


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